Sims 3 how to place lots

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I am trying to edit the basic town on the sims 3. I saved the community lots and then bulldozed some. I then bulldozed the empty lot in the hope I could change the size to add a different sized community lot. It would not let me add anything but the lot sizes that were even smaller than the original size, they just show up red.

The Sims 3 returned to The Sims 1 style with neighborhoods (worlds) with fixed lots, it put accent on life simulation and scrap the ability of placing lots anywhere  ... TIPS to have MORE SIMS ON COMMUNITY LOTS in The Sims 3 : thesims ... ... to get more than 2 to 5 Sims at community lots in The Sims 3. ... if you have Into the Future place the food synthesizer to spawn a waiter). The Sims 4 Spa Day: New Lots Overview - Sims Community

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